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Old Action Star Removal

Kill off aging Action stars with up and coming Action stars
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Aging Action stars are draining our nation's attention and time as they constantly try to hang on to whatever glory they once had by battling lesser and lesser quality minions of Evil on the silver screen. (See Sylvester Stallone's desire to star in a fourth Rambo film.) Something has to be done, and it has to be done soon.

Instead of fading away into nothingness, old stars should be killed off by up and coming young action stars in battles to the death on film. Van Damme, Arnold S, Steven Seagal, and other action favs should leave the stage for good in a bodybag, in a fiery factory explosion, or saving the universe from the apocalypse.

Basically, Van Damme or whoever would run around killing hundreds of extras until he gets to the final bad guy, who is played by the up and coming young action star. The fight scene would last 20 minutes with the youngster sending the aging hero to meet his maker. Although the young star can also be killed at the same time, it should somehow be made obvious that the youngster is the one who will be back for 10 years or so of action movies. Perhaps both of the fighters should be seen as good guys in the film for their respective causes...

Alternatively, all the fading action stars (and there are MANY!) could team up in one big action movie as an elite force of heroes. All of them die in a huge one hour fight scene.

go77, Dec 12 2001

Star Trek Generations http://www.imdb.com...enerations%20(1994)
Not exactly this idea, but similar concept of kicking out the old and bringing in the new. [mrkillboy, Dec 13 2001, last modified Oct 17 2004]


       Heh. I posted this as an annotation to your other idea.
phoenix, Dec 12 2001

       I like the idea of establishing a convention whereby 'Action Movie' actors can retire from the genre by announcing that 'this is my death movie'. Croissant.
DrBob, Dec 12 2001

       ...... and then a come back from the dead movie...
po, Dec 12 2001

       //...team up in one big action movie as an elite force of heroes. All of them die in a huge one hour fight scene.//   

       Hey! You could remake the Dirty Dozen with Charlton Heston as the Lee Marvin character!
mrkillboy, Dec 13 2001

       A similar "passing of the baton" concept has been used on both sides of the Pacific. Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in a cameo role in The Rock's movie Welcome to the Jungle where he walks out of a fight, letting Dwayne take over saying something like, "He's all yours."   

       Similarly, Tony Jaa's movie Warrior King sees him bump into Jackie Chan at the airport, Tony arriving and Jackie leaving.   

       But yeah, action stars don't die enough in these movies. More of that please.
theleopard, Oct 16 2008


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