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Two-time period calendar
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A calendar consisting of two time periods: Notvember and Vember, which runs from the old start of December to the old end of October, lasting two gross, three dozen and eleven days (three hundred and thirty five) days clear and two gross four dozen in each leap year. The start of the year is moved forward a month and the current date is therefore the XXVIth of Vember MMXIII. Vember is given the number one and Notvember the number zero, since it is the negation of Vember. The word "year" is replaced with "andorvember", and there are also other concepts such as "xorvember", "nandvember" and "impliesvember".
nineteenthly, Dec 26 2012

Miss July (NSFW) http://www.google.c...bUMLWHKmGiQKZxoH4DA
Which one? [normzone, Dec 27 2012]

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       One subdivision of NotVember could exist, since there are at least 30 days that might be described as forming a Pril. I'm not entirely sure what a Pril might look like, only that it May well exist.
zen_tom, Dec 26 2012

       This idea will ruin the nudie calendar business <...walks away with head hung low, remembering all the good times staring at the calendar pic of Miss July posing with the donkey...>
Grogster, Dec 26 2012

       Revember the alumno!   


       Since you ask, "pril" is a term used by assay labs to describe the tiny dot of gold left over from the process of testing a sample of ore - 'cept they usually spell it with two Ls.   

pertinax, Dec 27 2012

       //Which one?//   

       [norm]: it's that one in the middle... (after carefully scrutinizing each one)
Grogster, Dec 27 2012


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