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Quad/tricopter safety wings

Platform for human powered flight development
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Personal Quad and Tri-copters are up and coming as a method of transportation. They are gonna be great, until the engine blows, in which case you are going to have s glideless descent and liaison with the ground. Now with your new safety wing suit featuring foam wings that quickly unfurl from being folded behind your back as your quadcopter goes down, you can glide gently to the ground. Since these are safety oriented they can be government regulated like air bags and well funded and since they will sell more quadcopters a the asshole car companies will be in your side to.isnt it great that I now know how to think like an asshole but still no wings.
JesusHChrist, May 31 2015


       Once you factor in control surfaces and pitch stability this is a lot of additional complexity. Much better to rely on a combination of autorotation, parachutes and air bags.
EnochLives, May 31 2015

       Well just make them personal hex or octo copters instead. Hex's and especially Octo's are able to continue to fly with one motor out (or at least land safely under power). Some level of redundancy had to be built into the design.
Custardguts, May 31 2015

       " Personal Quad and Tri-copters are up and coming as a method of transportation."   

       Yes, the personal flying devices they started promising my grandparents last century. I'm sure they will be here at any moment.
normzone, May 31 2015

       Perhaps the safety device should be a parachute, instead.
Vernon, Jun 01 2015

       In the quadcopter age earth will be covered with airbags.
pashute, Jun 01 2015

       Airplane emergency parachutes are a "baked" idea. It's just a matter of deciding how the 'chute is deployed: automatic, in case of engine or rotor failure, or manual.
whlanteigne, Jun 02 2015


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