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Quadcopter wingman

A different point of view
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As mini UAVs become more powerful and capable, they can be used to perform useful tasks other than simple photography; lifting and dropping loads is one such application.

But a problem arises for the operator when the drone is out of direct visual range and the only view is that of the on- board camera.

Engineers at BorgCo have solved this by designing a drone "wingman". This is a second drone that is programmed to station- keep above and to one side of the main drone, observing it through an on board camera.

At the target location, the operator can switch between "direct" and "third person " POV for precise positioning.

8th of 7, Apr 17 2015


       But who will watch the watchers ?
normzone, Apr 17 2015

8th of 7, Apr 17 2015

       I was thinking about this the other day. My version had a tether and was retractable ie tethered micro multicopter as a "tender" for the larger craft, complete with winch and docking station, probably using onboard ie tethered power.   

       With the instrumentation and control easily available today (you see what people are doing with optical flow sensors now?) you could probably combine both concepts ie go untethered, but imagine automating the docking procedure.   

       Here's the real next step. A "satellite" line-of-sight comms repeater multicopter. Basically shoots up really high overhead and station keeps above the operations area or even follows the main copter somewhat and acts as the comm link between the ground station and the fpv copter. Trees, buildings, etc wouldn't be a problem as you'd be say 1km overhead shooting straight down. Probably use different spectrums is 5.8Ghz on one end and 2.4 on the other for minimal interference.   

       I'm going to have to float that idea somewhere.
Custardguts, Apr 20 2015

       I'd say you're going to have to wing it.
normzone, Apr 20 2015


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