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Schrödinger Boxification

The Quantum Coffin
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Almost no one wants to die. But that cryogenic stuff? Let's face it, you're going to freeze your nuts off for a questionable result. And for those people that opt in to just freezing their head -- what the hell is wrong with you?

At Schrödinger Boxification, we offer you real immortality, just enter when ready -- sure, you may die anyway -- but no one will know, unless they check -- and who really wants to open a coffin?

Now available at a funeral parlor near you.

(inspired by hippo's linked idea)

theircompetitor, Aug 14 2012

House Agitator House_20Agitator
[theircompetitor, Aug 14 2012]


       These are well and truly baked and widely known to exsist, I'm surprised you missed it. Pharao's were buried with their cats in pyramids for these precise reasons.
zeno, Aug 14 2012

       Precisely. Kill the cat first …
8th of 7, Aug 14 2012

       There were millions of cats buried in the Egyptian deserts. Schrödinger missed the boat by several thousand years I suspect.
UnaBubba, Aug 15 2012


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