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Nut Vending Machine

You're unscrewed.
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Vending machine for nuts (the hardware type). For each type and thread of nut, have a long screw with a small motor (you could even have a hand-turned version). The screw is covered in nuts, in a hex-shaped hole. When money is deposited, the screw turns a fixed number of times for your selected product, and the nut falls off the end of the screw.

The machine is easily re-loaded with a pre-loaded hex tube filled with nuts - just run the motor backwards.

Sample screws and bolts (to make sure you have the right thread) are mounted on the outside of the machine.

Worldgineer, Sep 28 2005

What are you, nuts? What_20are_20you_2c_20nuts_3f
Could also be used for [half]'s problem - just print out an invoice of what nuts you've selected. [Worldgineer, Sep 28 2005]


       I like it. I usually buy more than I need for the current project, but every once I end up needing something I don't have. Usually that happens around midnight when none of the hardware stores are open.   

       When I read the title, I envisioned one of those cork screw conveyor type vending machines loaded with packages of nuts and bolts instead of chips and cookies.
half, Sep 28 2005

       oooooh, i thought i could buy assorted cashews and peanuts....the choice would be amazing and oh so convenient. Would work well in the local pub.
Yossarian, Sep 28 2005

       See, I like that too. Just not sure how to write that up in an interesting way. The vending machine at my work sells packages of peanuts (yawn). Maybe a bonsai nut tree that's shaken when you insert a quarter?
Worldgineer, Sep 28 2005

       They have to be tightened in relation to each other to provide a locking force. Easy to do on an open screw, but these nuts are fixed in relation to each other by a hex tube. If it'll make you more comfortable then there's a small gap between each nut.
Worldgineer, Sep 28 2005

       That linky is brokey.   

       I'm waiting to see how the bolt vending machine is going to work...
half, Sep 28 2005

       Fixed. Bolts are tricky. You could have a wall of bolts, each screwed in to a hole. An electric screwdriver with interchangable head positions itself at the bolt, and unscrews. Ok, not quite as elegant.
Worldgineer, Sep 28 2005

       Washers instead of coins or tokens from a bill changer machine?
half, Sep 28 2005

       I yearn for the old days - when this idea would have been posted on the original. it just kept things simpler!
po, Sep 28 2005

       But this is a completely seperate idea. If we had all of the completely seperate ideas in one idea, the 'bakery would be difficult to read.
Worldgineer, Sep 28 2005

       you're nuts but I love you!   

       oh come on, in the old days, blah blah, you would have been berated as an echo.
po, Sep 28 2005

       It really isn't the same concept at all, but I'm sure they both read to normal people as "blah blah blah nuts blah blah blah bolts".
half, Sep 28 2005

       come on you two! these silly things are purchaseable and come pre-wrapped in bits of plastic.come on
po, Sep 28 2005

       Mine has the advantage of being able to be installed outside. [half]'s has the advantage of not having to deal with the annoying plastic bags. Both are real improvements. Or not. But that's why they're here.
Worldgineer, Sep 28 2005

       They also happen to be considerably more expensive when purchased in those packages. Also, the stores that carry only the packages tend to have a limited selection.   

       When you come to the states, we'll help you spend some quality time with hardware.
half, Sep 28 2005

       I will leave this now to halfbakers incorporated to make their decision... you nuts!   

       <leaves laughing...>
po, Sep 28 2005

       Would you feel better if we substituted "beads and baubles" for "nuts and bolts"? ;-)   

       <leaves ducking>
half, Sep 28 2005

       not really! you endearing pair of plonkers...   

       +1 to both.
po, Sep 28 2005

       //beads and baubles// Not a bad idea, really. Have them threaded in long strands, and one is let pass when you insert a quarter. I'd bun it.
Worldgineer, Sep 28 2005

       How did I ever miss that one? I'll have to go check out "Hardware Store".   

'He said, "Hey, you know that vacant lot Right beside the gas station? Well, somebody bought it And on that spot they're gonna build a shop Where we can go buy bolts and screws"'

       Ha! That's the exact experience I had as a kid growing up in a small town. Except for they built the hardware store across the street from the gas station.
half, Sep 28 2005


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