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Nutella Centrifuge

Good to the last plop
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An apparatus like a 'salad spinner' but for jars of gooey things like Nutella and peanut butter, to force the contents towards the lid and away from those impossible corners.
Steamboat, Jun 02 2015

alibaba.com: Gravy Centrifuge http://www.alibaba....tor_1992719149.html
Yours for upwards of $8,000, might be repurposed to support Nutella and other gooey substances. [zen_tom, Jun 02 2015]

I thought this was the standard size? https://wcti12.com/...ound-tub-of-nutella
[whatrock, Jun 01 2020]


       A special attachment for the food processor?
wjt, Jun 02 2015

       Could also be used as a gravy separator
hippo, Jun 02 2015

       //gravy separator// There must be stuff online where people have subjected gravy to a centrifuge, I imagine the results would be striate nicely.
[edit] Aha! Industrial equipment for the mechanical separation of gravy products would appear to exist. Reducto ad gravium - Nutella isn't too far away.
zen_tom, Jun 02 2015


       Alternately you could simply buy the vat-sized product [link] and chase those corners clean with a putty knife.
whatrock, Jun 01 2020


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