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Transparent kitchen

Find stuff easily when your cabinets are see-through!
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Hey.. how's this? Did you ever spend valuable time looking for coffee, sugar,etc that you could'nt find ?

Instead of spending your hard-earned money on a pair of x-ray specs, which don't even exist, simply fashion an entire kitchen from scratch-resistant perspex! All your stuff clearly visible!!

gargarax, Apr 09 2002

(?) Clear Dishwasher http://www.halfbake.../Clear_20Dishwasher
[phoenix, Apr 09 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) object permanence defined http://www.harcourt.../0/5/9/7059800.html
[bristolz, Apr 13 2002, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       I think you'll find that cabinets with glass doors have been baked for quite some time.
angel, Apr 09 2002

       While I like the idea of a Lucite kitchen, I don't think I want to watch what happens in the water trap under the sink.
phoenix, Apr 09 2002

       My rats would get agoraphobic.
pottedstu, Apr 09 2002

       It doesn't sound like too appealing of an interior design. Put things back in the same spot each time and you won't have to look.
dag, Apr 09 2002

       remove cupboard doors?
rbl, Apr 09 2002

       Only if the dog is not allowed in the kitchen. He's not THAT well trained.
dag, Apr 09 2002

       The idea is not just for glass doors. With glass doors, you can see maybe the first two rows of things from the front of the cabinet. What I'm proposing is to make the entire cupboard from perspex-like stuff, so all the contents are visible. My girlfriend has a strange idea of where stuff goes. I'm tired of having to wait for her to come home so's I can find stuff. :-)
gargarax, Apr 13 2002

       "My girlfriend has a strange idea of where stuff goes."     

       I've been accused of that by my husband.  In discussions with my friends, I've arrived at the conclusion that maybe women have a fuller realization of object constancy (or object permanance) than do men.  Women seem far more inclined to believe an object still exists when it is no longer directly visible.
bristolz, Apr 13 2002

       And of course this will solve the long unanswered question of "Does the light really turn off when i shut my fridge door?"
Little_Crow, Apr 13 2002

       <<What I'm proposing is to make the entire cupboard from perspex-like stuff, so all the contents are visible. >>   

       Even if the framework et al of the cupboard is see-thru, you can't see thru the product cans/boxes to what's behind anyway. What you really need is a little riser just behind the first two rows of stuff, to raise up the back two rows for visibility. Or just line the whole kitchen with single depth shelves so everything is out where you can see it. You must have a really gargantuan kitchen with millions of things to have to wait for your gf to find things for you. Poor baby.
bobzaguy, Apr 13 2002

       Geez, I guess it really isn't much different 'down under.'
bristolz, Apr 14 2002

       Yuck. A cleaning nightmare.
jester, Apr 16 2002

       Why stop with the cupboards? Get glass plates and dishes, use clear plastic spoons, eat off a glass table (on 2nd thought, I don't want people to see what I do under the table), put cereal in those clear plastic boxes, etc. Make the ceiling transparent so you can look for stuff from the attic and if you have a basement, make the kitchen floor see thru too. Pyrex is good for the oven, and the microwave could have many more windows. (Hate it when I forget something in the oven) And the fridge must be totally see thru. Finally, see thru clothing would take some getting used to, but perhaps if you start off with just the pockets....
ThotMouser, Apr 30 2002


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