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Magnetic Knife Bouquet

intelligent knife rack
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An elegant and practical knife stand, this fine wood and spring steel creation can grace your countertop or hang from the cupboard over it, while displaying your best blades. As seen in the linked picture, the wooden base supports nine thin, metal stalks topped by permanent magnet embedded buds to store your knives in style.

To release a knife, grasp its handle while lightly touching any of its metal parts or its stalk, and an electromagnet repels the blade, loosening it from the stand. The touch switch function works equally well with the rack mounted upside down over the counter.

FarmerJohn, Mar 25 2004

(?) picture http://www.geocitie...ie/knifestand.html?
[FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Love the sleek Calder-ish design,[FJ], but each time I reach for the salt shaker on the counter, I slash my wrist on the exposed blades of the nearby Knife Bouquet. Is that a design flaw, a message from God, or just the definition of stupidity?
jurist, Mar 25 2004

       Hang them points up with the handles at shaker level.
FarmerJohn, Mar 25 2004

       Great. Then I trip and turn myself into a pin cushion.
Nitehawk, Mar 25 2004

       I hope you're not holding a pair of scissors.
FarmerJohn, Mar 25 2004

       Reminds me of Damocles. (Good idea to have an electromagnet repel each knife from the permanent magnet, just hope the battery doesn’t run out.)
AO, Mar 25 2004

       Now if you could just teach it to throw.   

       Superb idea, [John], but I'm sure the folks at the emergency room are tire of seeing me by now. I'm afraid as far as I'm concerned its stitches waiting to happen ...
Letsbuildafort, Mar 25 2004

       I like this -- pretty cool. The only slight downer is as has been mentioned .. you've got blades kind of hanging around the kitchen and I'm such a moron I'd somehow end up with one embedded in my eye.   

       Still (+).
britboy, Mar 25 2004

       Maybe the magnets should be twisted 90 degrees so that the sharp edges are pointed inwards.
FarmerJohn, Mar 25 2004

       Its the "Martha Stewart: Federal Prison" center piece, closley resembling razor wire.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 25 2004

       Well Done FarmerJohn, once again you have whipped out a perfect idea!
nomadic_wonderer, Mar 25 2004

       Let me just grab the salt shaker... oops, brushed against the stalks... Shapwing! electromagnetically flung knives.
GutPunchLullabies, Jul 08 2004

       If the stalks were longer, the knives would bob menacingly in a light breeze / passing train. Or keep it on your washing machine for extra laffs!
bungston, Jul 08 2004

       Why not put it in a clear case or wire cage with a door on it? With a spotlight down the middle, possibly in cool colors. Or build an integral cage into the design...like having the stalks reach the bottom, curve outwards and swing back up to form a lily-like shape outside the knives. I like it, aside from the danger of slicing oneself. And have just talked myself into voting +.
Etymon, Jul 08 2004

       //I slash my wrist//   

       For safety, the whole thing can be placed into a vase.
Amos Kito, Jul 08 2004

       though it is sylish, I would hate needing stitches every time i tried to reach behind that devilish thing. I give it a fish
Teh Muffin Man, Jun 22 2007

       //Reminds me of Damocles.// What's a Damocle?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 22 2007

       I think it's fantastic! I gave it a bun!
veryvermilion, Jun 23 2007

       This could double as a wind chime if the stalks were flexible enough, though I wouldn't want to be standing underneath the hanging version during a power failure.   

       Nice illustration. [+]
nuclear hobo, Jun 23 2007


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