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Scanner Drawer

A drawer in your kitchen at automatically scans and archives all your paper mail
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It happend to all of us. You get some invoice by mail. You open the envelope, read it and put it "somewhere". Then half a year later you need that exact invoice to send the stuff back because it broke or whatever. Now you run around the house and search the bloody thing that never turns up again. (Until another half year later when it is too late)

With the scanner drawer you will never have that problem again. After reading the mail you simply feed it in to the drawer. The drawer stamps it with a serial number, scans it, runs ocr on it and feeds a search database with the keywords. Whenever the drawer is full it ejects all papers and tells you to put them (in that same order) in a box with the number N.

Now when you need the invoice you search you database and it tells you in which box it is and what number it has. Done you go to the box and simply fetch it.

pucho2000, Oct 22 2010

Pocket Junk Sorter Pocket_20Junk_20Sorter
//Wads of paper are sent through a series of gentle manipulators to unfold them then scanned and categorized into receipts/brilliant ideas/phone numbers/unknown. These objects are ejected into small ornate wooden drawers just as if they had been organized by hand, a rotating card file in alphabetical order, a coin tray sorted by category and a bill box by denomination// [pocmloc, Oct 22 2010]


       Firstly, 'N' is quite clearly not a number* but a is letter. Secondly, that box with 'N' on it had better be *really* big if it's going to hold all my <not quite ignored> mail!   


       * Apologies to fans of The "Prisoner"
Jinbish, Oct 22 2010

       I tried this, but mine filled up with screwdrivers, half-empty packets of sweets and spare batteries for all manner of electrical doodads. They don't scan so well, neither.
infidel, Oct 22 2010


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