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ORing filters

Be able to OR multiple filters without having to create multiple views.
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At present (if I understand correctly) if I want to show results matching different filters, I have to create a different view for each single filter, and then use the "Filter by view: Include all ideas from <view name> in the filter result."

So, some way to OR these together in a single view would be nice. Please :)

[Added] For example, if I want to display - in one page - ideas voted on by myself OR ideas containing the phrase "WIBNI" OR ideas authored by reensure, I would create three successive views - one with the first filter, then a second view with the second filter and the "Include all ideas from [#1]", and then a third view with the third filter and "Include all ideas from [#2]." There is no other way to do this at present - I am suggesting being able to do this in a single go.

Detly, Aug 07 2003


       Nothing to do with creating a good seal, then?
RayfordSteele, Aug 07 2003


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