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Memorial hues

Display ideas in one special category in a different colour.
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Firstly I must apologise for proposing more work for jutta.

Yesterday I found out why I thought something was missing from the hb.[1] Maybe subconciously I knew what that title meant, but I hadn't noticed conciously.

I propose that ideas in Halfbakery:Remembrance be shown in a different colour[2] in the main views. Nothing too garish, but enough to distinguish them from the others.

I further propose that the ideas therein be shown white text on black. It seems fitting to me.

[1] Noone accuses me of being quick on the uptake.
[2] Probably, a different colour background. Perhaps a grey or blue tint?

Loris, Sep 13 2006

bristolz bristolz
was missing [Loris, Mar 02 2021]


       It seems like the consensus is against this - nevertheless, I still think it would be useful.   

       Furthermore, the number of ideas in the remembrance category is growing, and includes distinct types.
1) memorials for former half-bakery members
2) memorials for other humans of note
3) observation of, or ideas involving destroyed monuments, particularly Notra Dame for some reason.

       I suggest splitting out the first group into a new special category - Halfbakery: Remembrance: Former Users
or similar.
Loris, Mar 02 2021

       I second, for whatever that matters. It's a nice sentiment to place the passed in a sacred area. I doubt jutta agrees with that or anything that takes away from the platform of this site. And I get that.
blissmiss, Mar 02 2021

       + I think it’s a nice idea especially in light of the current situation.
xandram, Mar 02 2021

       I feel, if colour is the way, it should be the other way around. Colour every and then black and white as respect. Since Halfbakery is primarily reading, I'm not in favour.   

       But since true emotion should be upheld, could the colour be a specific font style instead?
wjt, Mar 03 2021

       Unread ideas are already shown with a beige background, so I didn't think it was much of a stretch.
Loris, Mar 03 2021

       Sometimes I worry that the average age of the halfbakery is increasing by almost a 1:1 ratio with time. Here's hoping for young blood.
Voice, Mar 03 2021

       Hey, new category!
halfbakery: remembrance: halfbaker

       Thank you.
Loris, Mar 05 2021

       Thank you, for the new resting place of bakers past. Too bad we need it. And may the list be short for at least a while.
blissmiss, Mar 05 2021


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