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Sarcastic Laugh Track

Intentionally fake sounding laughs, sheep braying, Goofy style "heyuk heyuk" dufus laughs
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Every 5 years or so I try watching a network comedy show to see if they've gotten funny yet.

To help me know where it's supposed to be funny, they were thoughtful enough play a highly compressed laugh track after every "joke". This is supposed to make me go "Hu? What? Am I supposed to laugh with all those other people now? Oh, ok. HAHA!"

So since the laugh track is supposed to be kind of like training wheels to help you out, how about having a laugh track that's kind of funny itself?

You could have that smarmy forced smile "a-ha a-ha a- ha" sarcastic laugh, really stupid sounding "heyuck heyuck" laughs like Goofy from the old Disney cartoons. Sheep braying would be appropriate and ironic. My favorite would be some kind of angry yelling like when somebody's pissed. "OH VERY FUNNY!! HA HA HA!"

This might increase my viewing time from 2 minutes to 4.

doctorremulac3, Feb 27 2011


       Nice! At Christmas time it should be nothing but HO HO HO's. Bun [+]
Grogster, Feb 28 2011


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