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The John Doe Audio Commentary

DVD Audio Commentaries using ordinary people as oppossed to people involved with the movie.
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One of the most interesting extras on DVD video discs are audio commentaries which play during a movie in which the director/writer/producer/actor etc. give an insight into particular things in the movie currently onscreen. These range from dull, to technical, to interesting or inane.

But what could be more interesting and cost effective to drag some people off the street, and ask them to comment on a film for DVD!

These people would provide random, yet interesting comments on the movie, ranging from "How the hell did they do that?", "Man, that chick is really hot", "I can do better with a camcorder" and everyone's favorite: "You can see the strings!".

And what else would be more humorous than an everyone shouting out famouse one liners: "I'll be back!", "I'm King of the World!" and what must be the greatest line ever (in a thick Austrian accent) "It's not a tu-mor!"

For most people, this would be more interesting than hearing some crew member talking about lighting or placing of shadows.

Of course, this could be made even more interesting with certain factors, such as a "fanboy" commentary (in Star Wars films for example) or one done by drunken college guys.

mrkillboy, Jun 26 2000

baked http://www.dvdtracks.com/
[egnor, Oct 17 2004]


       Ever watch MST3K on the Sci-Fi channel?
philosphus, Jun 27 2000

       yeah, but imagine what it would degrade to: hanks: "all i know, is that if i can go home to my wife after i get this ryan kid, it's wor..." anotater: "WASSSSSSSUUUUUP! WASSSSSSSSSSSSUUUUP!"
cybercyph, Jul 24 2000

       So find a way to make downloadable, mixable audio tracks with a syncing mechanism. That way, people with (e.g.) 2001 on DVD can choose whether to get the MST3K track ("Hey, someone hit the projector, the screensaver kicked in"), the Astronomy Professor track ("Note the position of Jupiter's third moon...", the Film Studies track "Kubrick uses a tracking shot here because...", the Theater in Peoria track (humming along to the Blue Danube), the Stoner track ("Whoa... everything's, like, white"), et cetera.   

       Of course, this would run into copyright issues, as they're derivative works (though they wouldn't contain any of the actual movie content).
bookworm, Jul 24 2000

       On the DVD for "Cannibal: The Musical" - (by South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone) They have the "progressively more drunk commentary track" where they sit around drinking beer while commenting on thier own movie.
blahginger, Jul 29 2000

       Exactly. It would make watching videos even more like going to the theater.
oooga, Feb 18 2001

       Hurray. Now you too can have obnoxious and inconsiderate idiots in your very own home...Does it come with a constantly ringing cellphone too?
StarChaser, Feb 18 2001

       As egnor pointed out, this has been baked for those who want to add on to an existing disk.   

       However, the "fanboy" option has also been done on the disks themselves. The "Ghostbusters" anniversary DVD has a track with subtitled commentary from a fan of the movie. Also see the "Star Trek The Motion Picture" Directors Edition DVD, which has a similar commentary by a fan.
krelnik, Jan 05 2003


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