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Odd Fisherman Trick

a surreal moment on the docks
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Dress as a strange little fishingman complete with beard, hat, pipe and waders. Go down to the pier or jetty early in the morning just before other people arrive to start fishing. Sit right at the very end in profile with your legs hanging over the side so that those approaching will see your trick clearly. When the moment is right and you know they will be looking at this trick, swing your rod behind you as if you are about to cast off. Ensure the 'hook' snares in the back of your shirt on the backwards motion and when you jerk forward - fling yourself into the water as if you have cast yourself on the end of your rod.

A loud comical whirring noise to accompany the movement from jetty to water would be desirable, but would require further equipment.

benfrost, Jan 08 2002

"practical jokes" http://www.google.c...&btnG=Google+Search
1-10 down - 53,890 to go [thumbwax, Jan 09 2002]


       Sounds like a Dom Jolly-type jape. I happen to like Dom Jolly. Have a soggy pastry.
DrBob, Jan 08 2002


THAT'S what ~ is for Peter - waves to conceal shark(s).
thumbwax, Jan 08 2002

       benfrost, have decided to take day off tomorrow to do this in Brighton, will it work as well for a woman do you think?   

       what are they putting in the water at the moment down your way
po, Jan 08 2002

       Isn't that what they do down there?
benfrost, Jan 09 2002

       Just a reminder of a few rules on the halfbakery:   

       If the poster of an idea thought of it him- or herself, it's original, regardless of what other people have thought of. (It's okay to tell people that you've seen something before, especially if you can say where; but it's not okay to call for deletion based on that.)   

       No idea ever gets deleted for "category abuse". Categories are hard, and I move stuff around without comment once I figure out where it belongs. This one wants to be in Culture: Practical Joke, and will end up there once I have something to keep it company.
jutta, Jan 09 2002

       Culture: Practical Joke
will end up being the Mother Of All Categories.

I honestly figured since there are tons of practical jokes sites out there already...
Nevertheless, I'll contribute some just plain truly awful ideas.
thumbwax, Jan 09 2002


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