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Origami moving fishing flies

Crinkle paper, place hook, cast.
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Consider the fish. It wants to eat something yummy. Consider the fishing fly. Looks yummy, and you made from bits of your curly hairs, and some feathers you picked off the grille of your van. +1 for can-do artisan ship! But it doesn't move! -1 for LAME!

Now consider the straw paper worm; video linked or you can find more. The worm wriggles enticingly as water swells its joints. I propose that this same principle could be used to make fishing flies that wriggle on the surface.

These flies could be made exactly as a straw envelope, but perhaps more robustly. The component paper could have a water resistant coating that would melt slowly on contact with water - maybe sugar? Varying the thickness of the coating would vary the duration in the water before wriggling ensued.

Paper could be dusted with hydrophobic powder to prevent early wetting and premature wiggling, both of which are our sworn enemies here at BUNGCO.

bungston, Aug 29 2011

Wiggling straw paper worm http://www.youtube....3YE&feature=related
what can't you find on youtube?? [bungston, Aug 29 2011]


       From a fishing magazine in the seventies...   

       roll up a small piece of paper and bend it into a " V " - repeat so that you have two " V "s.   

       twist the two up with a rubber band, put a hook in the mix and wrap a piece of packaging tape, the kind with water soluble glue, around the assembly and hold until dry.   

       cast the assembly near some likely fish zone around reeds or a tree. It will float for a minute or two and then thrash briefly as the tape ceases to hold and the rubber band unwinds.   

       fish thinks there is a fallen insect.
normzone, Aug 29 2011

       In what way is this more effective than throwing a 25 Kg case of blasting gelatin with a time fuse into the water, and then skimming off the resultant fish paste ?
8th of 7, Aug 29 2011

       //Origami moving fishing flies// And yet, disappointingly, it doesn't.
MaxwellBuchanan, Aug 29 2011

       It attracts less law enforcement.
normzone, Aug 30 2011


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