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Odd Shaped Baseballs

Creates unpredictable trajectories
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Perhaps flattened to have more of a disc shape, maybe with prodruding bumps or dips. Pitcher throws it, batter hits it and it might fly out of the stadium or smack the catcher in the head with the same swing. Airfoils, twists and such might also be added to make it do crazy stuff aerodynamically as well.

Add an air of chaos to baseball.

Could also have a series of baseballs that the pitcher wears in a bandolier. Only they and the catcher knows which one is coming.

"Hmm, should I throw a whirlygig, the one with all the weight on one side so it wobbles through the air slowing it down or a frisbee that can fly out of the stadium or hit the pitcher in the head? Those are always fun."

doctorremulac3, Aug 28 2022

Use reaction balls https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0042XALSC
[a1, Aug 28 2022]


       I'm not sure the impact of a bat would get something like a frisbee to work as expected.
Since the projectile is unknown to the batter, the best method would probably be "smash whatever comes at me either into the ground or straight up, run like hell".
neutrinos_shadow, Aug 28 2022

       True, unless the pitcher pulls a sly one and throws the super bounce straight flier.   

       And it occurs to me, they could all LOOK the same, some have soft spots like custard on one side, super bouncy rubber on the other, some could flatten out like a parachute, some could just basically just deflate and flop on the ground or ever wrap around the bat.
doctorremulac3, Aug 28 2022


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