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One-On-One Baseball

Quick head-to-head baseball competiton
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2 players take the field. One pitches, the other one bats. One inning is either 5 hits or 3 strikes, whichever one comes first. Games last 9 innings. No defence. Here's is the scoring :

1 point for a ball that lands past the mound put inside the infield.

3 points for a ball that that land in either left or right field.

5 points for a ball that land in straightaway center field.

7 points for a home run.


HomerX, Sep 24 2002


       I'm guessing you have a designated neutral party to be the catcher. Cool idea except for the scoring system. Just simplify it; Infield 1, Outfield 2, Homer 5.
JRspewing, Aug 10 2004

       This is vaguely like wiffleball.
5th Earth, Aug 11 2004


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