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Pyrotechnic Baseball

"Man, is he on fire tonight!"
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It is the beginning of a unique baseball game, the first ever baseball game played this way.

The players are clothed in flame retardent suits. There are firemen at the ready. Fire extinguishers are everywhere.

Then it begins.

The ball and bat are soaked in a flammable substance, much like in Pyrotechnic Billiards......

The lights are dimmed....

The bat is then set aflame....

The bat is swung at an incoming pitch...

When the bat is swung, it leaves a trail of flames momentarily.... the it connects with the ball, setting it on fire....

The ball arcs upwards, leave a trail as a comet does. Except.... it is a trail of fire and flame!....

It is a long drive into left field, where the left fielder catches it.....

His glove alights upon contact with the flaming sphere, the mitt having been soaked in the very same liquid as the bat and ball.....

He tosses it to another player, who in turn tosses it to another player, until all have had their glove flaming.....

The next batter comes and takes the flaming bat.....

The pitcher gets ready to throw again.....

DesertFox, Jul 08 2004

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       Would the ball flying through the air not cause it to extinguish?
MikeOliver, Jul 08 2004

       Fun to play on a field of dried hay.
phundug, Jul 08 2004

       This might be easier to do with animated improvements on a filmed, regular game - akin to the "jedi kid" improvements.
bungston, Jul 08 2004

       hmm... acid baseball... nice. But, can we have the ball go out when it gets caught for an out? Kind of signifies the out more, makes it more of a denouement...
daseva, Jul 08 2004

       Which could lead to the "pyrotechnic baseball" version of anything. Imagine your favorite sport, now imagine everyone is on fire and the equipment violently combusts sending out sparkles and compression waves. Isn't that better? +
sartep, Jul 09 2004

       MikeOliver: Not if it's still soaked. (Same principle as juggling torches.) But I'm worried that (1) the contact with the flaming bat may be too short to set the ball on fire, and that (2) a soakable ball & bat aren't springy enough to play well. I guess that's something that'll take a few experiments.
Q: Why'd the pyrotechnic baseball team cry?
A: They lost the match.
jutta, Jul 12 2004

       In the big inning there was darkness.   

       "Foul ball into the stands Could somebody call an ambulance.. OH yer and the fire department too "
tasman, Jul 17 2004

       nice idea, Fire Goood! should avoid problems with fans stealing balls; i forget the team, but that dude wouldn't have lost the game for them if the ball was on fire. +
stilgar, Jul 18 2004


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