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Rainbow moths

(at baseball games)
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While at a baseball game last night, I was amazed at how many moths there were flying above the stadium. And you could see them for miles, due to the bright spotlights.

I think it would be fun if the game sponsors caught a few moths before the game and spray-painted them fluorescent yellow, pink, blue, green, and gold. And then released them.

Not only would they look pretty, all glittering and flittering around, but there could be prizes given to any fan who is able to catch one of the colored moths.

phundug, Aug 20 2003


       I didn't realise that baseball was that boring. its a bit like watching pigeons on a cricket field.
po, Aug 20 2003

       "A critic once characterized baseball as six minutes of action crammed into two-and-one-half hours."
--Ray Fitzgerald, Boston Globe, 1970
krelnik, Aug 20 2003

       Unlike cricket, which is four minutes of action crammed into five days. (Sorry, [DrBob].)
angel, Aug 20 2003


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