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Odiferous Area Denial System

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Inspired by [2 Fries] fake poo to keep trespassers from using his outdoor hot tub or swimming pool. You could scale this to any outdoor area, but first let's picture the small version around a backyard hot tub.

The tub area is surrounded by what look like propane fueled patio heaters. But instead of propane, they can be set to dispense a small puff of smelly gas - either every few minutes or only when a motion detector notices someone nearby. It would have to disperse and break down in a short time, so the simulated farts would only stink up the immediate area and not upset the neighbours. When you WANT to use the tub, you flip a switch (preferably via remote control that you can trigger from some distance upwind) to turn off the smelly flow. The emitters might even be designed not only to LOOK like propane heaters but also BE propane heaters when set to the right mode - not only to burn off the last of the mercaptans but also for comfortable tubbing in cold weather.

a1, Nov 10 2022

Chlorexcrement Thanks [2 fries] [a1, Nov 10 2022]

Candidate compounds https://www.scienti...aptan-my-mercaptan/
[a1, Nov 10 2022]

Social Distance perfume Social_20Distance_20perfume
[Voice, Nov 11 2022]

Horse Fly https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horse-fly
[Voice, Nov 11 2022]


       This idea stinks
pocmloc, Nov 10 2022

       Like shit it does!
a1, Nov 10 2022


       The addition of a fake but realistic looking rodent of some sort apparently decaying nearby would add to the delightful repulsosity.
whatrock, Nov 10 2022

       As with the previous idea, real is better than fake. So just call your local farmer. I'm sure for a modest fee he will be happy to drive a big tractor towing a muck-spreader past your premises twice a day spraying well rotted slurry across the grounds.
pocmloc, Nov 11 2022

       Would it work on raccoons?
21 Quest, Nov 11 2022

       Approved and as a bonus the smell of human activity will attract hungry bears and cleggs, which are a particularly nasty flesh eating fly. (known in the colonies as horse flies)
xenzag, Nov 11 2022


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