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Office bed

now wi-fi enabled!
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One of the most striking things about the palace at Versailles are the ornate king's and queen's bedrooms. Each one is richly decorated and has a railing across the middle of it so that the king and queen could lie in bed all day while people visited them (while not allowing the visitors to approach too close to the royal presence).
This is *exactly* what is missing from the modern CEO's office. Just update the bed to a fine cherrywood example and the railing to sleek, brushed stainless steel, and he or she can lie in bed all day holding board meetings and granting audiences to supplicants.

Just don't tell them what happened to the French royal family.
hippo, Feb 25 2004

Up the "royal" factor with grapes! http://www.halfbake...de_20Grape_20Hopper
Add this for perfection! [spacecadet, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       "The hard drives are over there, sir ... no, sir, you can't put that on your 486 ... thats right - check out is right over there, sir ... yes, sir I'll give you a bun ... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
Letsbuildafort, Feb 25 2004

       railing across the middle of it - I thought you meant the bed! excellent idea.
po, Feb 25 2004

       I've seen some offices that had these. They were all government offices come to think of it...
k_sra, Feb 25 2004

       I forgot to mention it but there were also facilities at Versailles to allow courtiers and supplicants to visit the king or queen while they were on the loo. That's probably going a bit far though...
hippo, Feb 26 2004

       hence the slang *the throne*?
po, Feb 26 2004

       The French invented the "throne."
k_sra, Feb 26 2004

       La Throne
po, Feb 26 2004

       I was maintaining an office out of town until a couple of months ago... it was a two hour commute so I set it up as my living quarters also. The floor to ceiling, wall to wall enclosed bookcases were a fold-out murphy bed with built in closets on each side. I'm not a high-powered CEO but I definitely accomplished a lot more in a day. The problem (for me) became clothing, how to be comfortable and dressed...
no12pass, Feb 26 2004


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