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Office chair seatbelt

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My office chair provides insufficient gription (q.v.) at the chair-seat/trousers interface with the result that I have a tendency to slide forward in the seat, resulting in poor posture. This could be remedied by a simple 3-point seatbelt, a feature which would be welcomed also by office-chair racing enthusiasts.
hippo, Sep 02 2008

Retroreflective_20pinstripes [hippo, Sep 09 2008]

wheel chair seat belt http://www.amazon.c...Black/dp/B000M7RYW8
They have these for wheelchairs, could prolly be modified to fit onto an office chair. Ebay has them too. The "universal" version seems more promising. Here's an example from amazon [wellton1950, Oct 24 2008]


       bun for 'office-chair racing enthusiasts'. However, this is a slippery slope. I want a roll cage. I guess I already have side impact bars...
conskeptical, Sep 02 2008

       Two words: Non-skid pants.
phoenix, Sep 02 2008

       two words: pole ...
po, Sep 02 2008

       // office-chair racing //
aka "Davros-ing"
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 02 2008

A little restraint here people.

       less of the puns, 2 fries.
po, Sep 02 2008

       Don't many office workers already keep a little "belt" hidden in their desk drawer?
Canuck, Sep 02 2008

       I like the idea of office trains, where as we all link up together, feet to backside, and roll together. Definately need seatbelts when doing this! +
blissmiss, Sep 02 2008

       // I like the idea of office trains //   

       Yes, well, before you get all excited, get one of those old B/W movies featuing The Keystone Cops. Whtch what happens when they're all being dragged along behind a vehicle, and it corners sharply ......   

       Cops may represent law, but Conservation of Momentum is the Law ......
8th of 7, Sep 02 2008

       I like this idea too... posture is hard!
Bcrosby, Sep 03 2008

       //less of the puns, 2 fries.//   


       Perhaps I am in need of restraint.
<begins belting self furiously>

       + :)
fh, Sep 07 2008

       bun, but only if you promise we can race.
jonthegeologist, Sep 07 2008

       That's not a bad idea - it would fit in the same clothing range as my "Retroreflective Pinstripes" (link) - or it could be a service, offered on the street, similar to a shoeshine stand ("Shoeshine! Fancy a shoeshine sir? Latex! Latex! Paint the arse of your trousers with little dots of latex, sir? Come on, that looks like a very shiny suit sir" - etc., etc.).
hippo, Sep 09 2008

       //two words: pole ...//   

       Dance? In an office chair?
nomocrow, Sep 09 2008


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