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Recliner with Breasts

Soft leather recliner with breasts
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Ever notice how soothing breasts are to lean against?

This very comfortable recliner has large breasts built into the back rest, covered with a soft black leather.

The breasts will comfort you, put you at ease and make you feel peaceful, lower your blood pressure and increase anti- oxidant levels.

Have fun googling this one.

jmvw, Aug 19 2010

About halfway down the page. http://www.misinfor...archive/2002/10/21/
[jutta, Aug 19 2010]

http://girls-fighti...the-boob-chair.html [jutta, Aug 19 2010]


       I'm kind of torn here. Croissant for breasts, fishbone for putting them way too deep into the uncanny valley.
notmarkflynn, Aug 19 2010

       Hey - [notmark] where have you been? Hello!
xandram, Aug 19 2010

       (looks around for [dbmag9], [notmarkflynn]'s nemesis)
normzone, Aug 19 2010

       good 'un [norm] - let's say you have a really good memory!!
xandram, Aug 19 2010

       Mmmm.... Breasts...   

Twizz, Aug 19 2010

       I have known massage chairs in the local shopping mall to feel very much like two powerful female breasts digging into either side of my spine.
daseva, Aug 19 2010

       I used to have an inflateable bath pillow that was like this. It was rather comfy until it burst.
DrBob, Aug 20 2010

       Put them into the headrest and you've got a deal. In the backrest seems a little uncomfortable.
Noexit, Aug 20 2010

       // massage chairs in the local shopping mall //   


       Hey, [daseva], where exactly do you shop ... ?   

8th of 7, Aug 20 2010

       //Ever notice how soothing breasts are to lean against?   

       This is the reason so many men go the the hairdresser instead of the barber
simonj, Aug 25 2010


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