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Pyramid Perching

A chair that sways and swivels while hardly touching the floor.
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“Could Professor Dubbledoor give our readers a brief history of the best selling ‘Wobble Seat’?”

“Well, it all started when Prof. McGone-Eagle and I stumbled upon the tomb of the ancient Nubian prince Sept. There we found the obelisk cathedra, an armchair throne that seemed to float inches over the tomb floor. Its legs ended in heavy, oversized lion paws of gold, and its metal seat balanced on the point of a diamond inset in the pyramidal top of a miniature obelisk. This allowed the prince to rock, roll and rotate with little effort and no risk of falling off.”

“And could Doctor D. enlighten us on the background of this less popular model that I understand utilizes the same physical principles.”

“Ah yes, beside the throne sat Sept’s mummified princess, pitching and pivoting with the slightest draft. She was wearing lead boots and papyrus hot pants with their bronze seat resting on the tip of a phallic stanchion. We produce this pared down minimalist model in our Krakow factory, and we’ve never quite understood its poor sales. We call it ‘Pole Pants’.”

FarmerJohn, Nov 10 2004


       And lower the center of gravity below the support point.
FarmerJohn, Nov 10 2004

       Well why couldn't you say that in the idea?
hippo, Nov 10 2004

       I didn't want to spoil that magical Aha Moment.
FarmerJohn, Nov 10 2004

       I could have sworn it was an "Ankhamen" Moment.
jurist, Nov 10 2004

       I was just percolating a counter balancing idea. Foiled again.
Tut tut.


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