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Offline HalfBakery

So you don't strangle the internet company
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A DVD-ROM holds 4.7GB, or 8.5GB is dual sided.

That is plenty enough room for the entire HB.

Many a time have I been home, wanting to HalfBake something, only to find a down internet.

Simple solution, send for the HB on DVD.

It contains all of the HB ideas, and has the capacity to connect with the HB and periodically download all of the new ideas, keeping it up to date.

Also, write new ideas in the offline HB, and next time you connect, it will upload your checkmarked new ideas, so you dont flood the site. Any offline annotations that you have made will be anno'ed and inserted at the correct idea and date.

This would be nice for laptops when traveling without a WIFI connection.

DesertFox, May 16 2005


       The DVD would just be for the initial load under the assumption that it would be too much to pull down over the wire, right?   

       The phrase, "Too much of a good thing" comes to mind.   

       (Do you know how much space the halfbakery occupies on disk now? I don't have a clue, but I was expecting that statistic to be included in a claim that the 'bakery would fit on a DVD.)
half, May 16 2005

       Would it be possible to get a syncronisation program to download all the bits of the bakery you haven't got yet? You could even store it on an ipod/palm-pc and carry it around with you to read when you're waiting for a bus.   

       That should go towards solving the storage problem. It would be interesting to know how much space the bakery does occupy.
zen_tom, May 16 2005

       I doubt it's so much of a storage space problem as a server-load problem. Imagine every baker downloading everything.
RayfordSteele, May 16 2005

       I think the updates would be small. After all, it's text, right?
DesertFox, May 16 2005

       I wanted a program that would take all the current active accounts in the bakery, along with their posts from all the way back, and mimic the HB rantings and postings with some AI type shit.   

       HB 2005, who gets to be on the front cover?
daseva, May 16 2005

       Just as big/small as syncronising emails, or some other system. You might have to wait a while if you hadn't connected for a few months, but a daily update might only take a few minutes.   

       It's a pig to program though - synchronisation things are nightmares to implement properly.   

       [davesa] front cover??
zen_tom, May 16 2005

       You know, like the yearly sports PS2 game, NBA 2005, EA sports, and Allen Iverson gets the cover.
daseva, May 16 2005

       I'm not much for frozen pastries.
bristolz, May 16 2005

       They're easier to store and you can re-heat them if needs be. Sure it's not the same as getting them fresh, but sometimes, you find yourself in a location with no bakery to be found.
zen_tom, May 16 2005


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