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A website where users upload pictures of themselves, wearing their halfbakery t-shirt, in front of exotic places
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[ sctld ], Sep 28 2002

austere's webspace http://www.wvi.com/~boscobob
[[ sctld ], Sep 28 2002]

Freeola http://www.freeola.co.uk
Free internet hosting with unlimited web space and no banners. For Unabubba. [NickTheGreat, Sep 28 2002]

If UnaBubba's house counts as exotic then... http://www.geocitie...alfb/madradish.html
[madradish, Oct 05 2002, last modified Oct 06 2002]


       Thanks for reminding me that I need to order a t-shirt or two. Croissant.
madradish, Sep 28 2002

       "And here I am standing in front of a shed in Solihull"
Wouldn't it be good to show us being brave enough to wear them in a pub or some other, equally judgemental place?
NickTheGreat, Sep 28 2002

       Yes, yes it would be good.
[ sctld ], Sep 28 2002

       So i should wear mine with my kilt, in front of the loch ness monster. Hm. Could be a tricky one.
[ sctld ], Sep 28 2002

       I'll raise my kilt, and see your hula dancer.
[ sctld ], Sep 28 2002

       Works every time.
[ sctld ], Sep 28 2002

       Well, every Scotsman is blessed.
[ sctld ], Sep 28 2002

       You're best to use the [link] button, underneath the idea. I'll stick this one in for you, for free, since you're still new, but you'll soon learn.
[ sctld ], Sep 28 2002

       I have unlimited webspace on my domain, and would happily donate some. Anyone who knows me will know the address.
NickTheGreat, Sep 28 2002

       Do you have unlimited domains as well? Or will we all have to type nj2k into our browsers?   

       What facilities do you have apart from unl. space? PHP, SQL, unl. ftp, unl. bandwidth?   

       Oh, and we should probably wait for Jutta to come by, and give a yay or a nay.
[ sctld ], Sep 28 2002

       Get out of the cave!
[ sctld ], Sep 28 2002

       'tis true. Unlimited spcae from my hosting company (whose name I won't post for [lack of] advertising's sake). I'm pretty sure I have PHP, not sure about bandwidth and/or sql though. Surprisingly, I have FTP access!
NickTheGreat, Sep 28 2002

       I've posted a link. If that's construed as advertising I'll delete it.
NickTheGreat, Sep 28 2002

       sp: construed.
bristolz, Oct 05 2002

NickTheGreat, Oct 05 2002

       [madradish], I think the link only works after one goes back a level to the index. (Geocities doesn't like to host picture access only - they want you to go through their website and read their advertising first.)   

       Maybe replace the direct link with one to the halfcon photo page?
jutta, Oct 05 2002

       Thanks jutta - I think I've fixed it.
madradish, Oct 06 2002


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