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Oil Leak Bandaid

Not a rock and roll telethon
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A large tarp made of a very strong yet flexible material is staked on the seabed in several key places and then swung over the oil leak. Next, The part of the tarp that was swung will be staked and tightened. At this point, the oil will still be able to flow out from under the tarp. Rocks and mud will then be placed incrementally over the tarp starting from the back edge and continuing until the leak ceases.
pppporkins, Jun 26 2010


       I think you would have a very hard time drawing the tarp over the leak.
DIYMatt, Jun 26 2010

       I am hoping that the tarp will decrease the overall pressure incrementally as it cuts across the leak. I am also hoping that the tarp will diffuse some of the pressure from the leak by distributing that pressure on the greater surface area of the tarp.
pppporkins, Jun 26 2010

       I like it. But that's one huge and immensely strong tarp.
Voice, Jun 26 2010

       Just tell the Chinese that the oilfield is their's, with one pre-condition: that they stop the leak.
xenzag, Jun 26 2010


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