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Paired Shiatsu Collars

Remotely "massage" each other's necks
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Imagine a pair of thick neck collars that clamp down onto your neck and the neck of a significant (or not so significant) other. It has two sides: The inside is filled with motors/actuators/bladders that are remotely controlled in order to give you a massage. The outside is for you to remotely massage the paired collar. You squeeze and caress the outside and this controls the other collar's inside side.

Optional features: A heart monitor (for those into that erotic asphyxiation thing), Locking mechanism, microphone and speakers, heating/cooling elements.

It may kill you.

twitch, Dec 30 2018


       You're confusing Shiatsu with Shih Tzu.   

       One is an art originating in mediaeval Japan, and the other involves being rubbed gently with a small woolly dog.
8th of 7, Dec 30 2018

       Just on kinematics, a collar would not be my first choice of a long duration stroking position. Some fun could be had if the sending input was on another part of the body. Especially a small, or even a large, woolly body.   

       Or have I got this wrong and you are massaging your significant other and thereby massaging yourself. Which by the way is definitely how it should work.
wjt, Dec 31 2018


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