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Oil change@Home

The oil change that comes to you
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This idea seems pretty obvious, so I'm surprised I couldn't find it here already. My apologies if I looked in the wrong section.

The idea is this:

Sometimes, you know your car has to get an oil change, but for whatever reason, the calculus of your time dictates that it's not worth the cost of driving to the oil change place (or the dealer, if you have a finicky car like me or just don't trust the Jiffy Lube-type places) and getting it changed.

So instead, you sign up for a subscription service where you give them a copy of the key to your car, and some personal information (name, address, etc), and whenever your scheduled maintennance comes up, you call them and schedule an appointment. You might be at home, or at work, but in any case, they have the address and a time when you're not using your car and they come and change the oil for you (and maybe do other maintennance). Benefit to you: No expenditure of time taking the car to an oil change place.

Obviously, providers of this service could be way more scammy - they could STEAL your car. So this might be a service better provided by dealers or maybe your car insurance company.

ywong, Nov 11 2003

On-Site Oil Change http://www.onsiteoilchange.com/
"We Come To You - For A Change!" [Klaatu, Oct 04 2004]


       Your idea has been stolen, <link>
Klaatu, Nov 11 2003

       Yes, this is pretty widely baked. I know several "corporate concierge" services in my town that offer this so you can get it done while your car sits in the parking deck at work.
krelnik, Nov 11 2003

       hmnn, indeed, baked, for an age   

       <aside> had it not been baked, I'd have not thought it the brightest idea to just give someone another copy of your key in perpetuity - what's wrong with just arranging to meet them? </aside>
seedy em, Nov 12 2003

       This idea could also be combined with valet parking services which are everywhere in L.A. Give them an extra $20 and your car has fresh oil when you get it back.
kurleykyew, Dec 23 2003

       We've been in this business since 1999 and not so much going to homes but providing it as a company "benefit" the employees love it! Many companys are adding service vendors to show their companys that they realize that their time is important to them! We even "wrote the book" on it as a How To Start A Mobile Lube Business Manual http://www.melrics.com this "idea" will only continue to grow as people are more pressed for time.
melrics, Jul 30 2004


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