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tune up 2 you

oil change in your office lot
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An oil change service that comes to you.

The service could contact a workplace to find out who would be interested in an oil change.

The day of an oil change, everyone gives their keys and cash to the receptionist. Oil is changed, fluids are checked, and cars are possibly even washed as a bonus, all while people work.

At the end of the day, workers pick up their keys and any relevant service information.

The bosses and receptionist get their service for free so every 3 months next, they're welcome back.

snowfox, Dec 12 2000


       Could be used as incentive to attend otherwise painful meetings or conferences. I may be wasting my time hearing about teamwork, but at least my oil's being changed.
juliec2, Dec 13 2000

       They already do this for washes where I work. How hard would it be to bring a bucket and a pair of vice grips? got my vote...
absterge, Dec 13 2000

       Baked. I once parked at a building in downtown LA that offered oil changes for $35 and car washes/details from $20-$200.   

       Their "to-do" pile was backed up with BMWs, Mercedes, Lexi, and every sport utility variation imaginable...all of which looked washed prior to their arrival.   

       Must be nice to have that kind of dough.
iuvare, Dec 13 2000

       Baked in Chicago also. I know of at least one parking garage where you leave your keys and during the day Midas will come over pick up your car and do an oil change or change your muffler or whatever you need. Very convenient.
blahginger, Dec 15 2000

       We've been running a mobile lube since 1999 and for company employees we provide sign up sheets along with key envelopes for keys and payment, employees never have to see us or wait for anything, we use one contact person and they are pleased to get a free oil change or even a discount to help make this work.... We don't charge any more than the "quick lubes" because we don't have the "overhead" they do. Forget the pan and wrench though, it needs to be professional you need a good system.... In 2002 we wrote a manual that we still sell on how to start a mobilelube biz. http://www.melrics.com
melrics, Jul 30 2004


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