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dipstick cover

a better way to check the oil depth in sump
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this may be a slightly baked idea apollogies inadvance if it is,

it is my experiance that the dipsticks in many vehicles are designed in such a way that either the oil doesn't show up as with my current car that has a yellow plastic end to the dipstick, or else the routeing of the pipe work to the sump means you are smearing any old oil over the dipstick,

therefore i propose a system of diposable dipstick covers, that fit over the end of the dipstick providing better contrast. This would be used with a bore cleaning patch, similar to those used on firearms to ensure that the oil depth in the sump is checked rather than any oil/greasey buildup in the tube to the sump is measured.

engineer1, Feb 13 2004

Prior Art http://www.halfbake...a/White_20dipsticks
[kbecker, Oct 05 2004]


       See (link) for something very similar. Wouldn't the cover generate additional oil soaked hazardous waste?
kbecker, Feb 13 2004

       another problem is having little bits that could come undone and now you've got doodads in your oil sump. I like the white dipsticks better.
DadManWalking, Feb 14 2004

       who would that be Zanzibar?
engineer1, Jun 09 2004


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