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crankshaft oil reservoir

A reservior for dropping oil in the crankshaft on startup
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I heard that the biggest time of wear and tear on an engine is just after startup, because when the car wasn't running, all the oil has settled out of the crankshaft. So I propose an oil reservoir above the crankshaft that gets filled up during driving. On start up, the reservior drops its oil into the crankshaft.
lawpoop, Nov 26 2008

Nomenclature based search engine meronym-based_20nomenclature_20website
Handy for finding the name of something when you know what it is, but don't know what it's called. For example, 'engine oil accumulator'. [lawpoop, Dec 03 2008]


       totally and completely baked. Do a little looking next time.
WcW, Nov 27 2008

       Hey, I'm google's second result already!
lawpoop, Nov 28 2008

       Its not just the crankshaft.. camshaft, valve stems, cylinders and all the rest. There are systems that accumulate oil pressure during driving and pressurize the lube system before startup, and others that use electric oil pumps to do the same. The gravity-fed idea is novel, but... (-) sorry
afinehowdoyoudo, Nov 28 2008

       We're #1! We're #1! Google, you rock! Take that, WcW! Who's the authority now? :)
lawpoop, Dec 02 2008

       you aren't looking for the right thing.
WcW, Dec 02 2008

       search for engine oil accumulator. The exact product you describe is widely available, inexpensive, but not very popular.
WcW, Dec 02 2008

       Thanks, WcW. Perhaps you might find my nomenclature based search engine of use ;)
lawpoop, Dec 03 2008

       is it ironic that your title "nomenclature based search engine" is actually a no hitter and neither this page nor your idea comes up at all? something along the lines of "google that". d<:
WcW, Dec 03 2008

       Yeah, I wonder why google grabbed "crankshaft oil reserve" so quickly... it must have spidered halfbakery shortly after I posted this... but I don't know why it didn't grab the nomenclature idea ---   

       Oh, probably because I used a slightly different name here. Man, that thing would be handy.
lawpoop, Dec 03 2008

       i'm changing to a bun just because you're such a good sport, but i still think it isn't much of an idea given the past art.
WcW, Dec 03 2008


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