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Olympic Juggling

Why isn't there Olympic Juggling
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Maybe for weight, or just for style like figure skating. See link.
JesusHChrist, Apr 02 2006

Fancy Juggling http://video.google...&q=juggling&pl=true
[JesusHChrist, Apr 02 2006]

IJA championships http://www.juggle.org/championships.php
[jutta, Apr 02 2006]

WJF (World Juggling Federation) http://www.thewjf.com/
[jutta, Apr 02 2006]

Chris Bliss's finale http://video.google...4776181634656145640
The routine that Garfield is parodying and outdoing in the first link ("Fancy Juggling") above. My non-juggler friends tend to love Bliss and misread Garfield as just a soulless show-off with more cuts. [jutta, Apr 02 2006]

WJF marketing director interview http://www.juggling...les/index.php?id=58
Q: Does the WJF intend to bring juggling to the olympics?
A: Nope. [jutta, Apr 02 2006]

2012 Olympic Competitor http://www.2012olympiccompetitor.co.uk/
Suggest this to Jonathan! I know he's looking for a country, but if someone pulls off getting juggling in,... [Dub, Apr 03 2006]

Cone Juggling http://www.youtube....ode=related&search=
[JesusHChrist, Nov 19 2006]


       It's not that jugglers lack competitions. There are the IJA competitions. (Jason Garfield, the guy in the video, won individuals twice) and, as of recently, the WJF that's trying to promote juggling as a competitive (although not olympic) sport.   

       The juggler Albert Lucas has been on a quest to get juggling, or maybe joggling, or maybe club swinging, into, or back into, the olympics. He's pulled a pretty good snow job on at least one journalist, but I don't see many jugglers rallying behind him.
jutta, Apr 02 2006

       Combat juggling is very entertaining, and a hoot to play. Every contestant juggles three clubs, and tries to get every other competitor to drop his clubs--it's demolition derby for nerds. When the last two are circling each other, and everyone else is beating their clubs together--boom, boom, boom-boom-boom--it would be great TV.
baconbrain, Apr 02 2006

       + fun.
xandram, Apr 03 2006

       Bone for another "sport" requiring judging.
coprocephalous, Apr 03 2006


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