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Olympic Olympic X

Take a theme and beat it to a bloody, tattered rag
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An olympic event in which participants attempt to propose the most outlandish olympic events imaginable. Extra points for obscurity, humor, and irony.

Olympic Magnifying Glass Ant-Burning

Olympic Hurling

Olympic Masturbation, Streaking, and Goat Effing Triathlon

Olympic Dust Counting

Olympic Gymnastics-score Fairness Quibbling

Olympic Olympic Olympic X

nomocrow, Aug 19 2008


       so let's see - you don't like the Olympics?
po, Aug 19 2008

       "Now, ladies and gentlemen, in the finals of Olympics Hating, [nomocrow]!"
baconbrain, Aug 19 2008

       Don't forget the olympic olympic gymnast kidnapping and pedophilia contest... to be performed on pre-informed and consenting olympic pole dancers instead, for legal issues.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 20 2008

       I hate to join a list, but... Olympic synchronized speed toenail clipping.
Voice, Aug 20 2008

       //Olympic Hurling//   

       Ah, hurling, now that's a fine Irish sport, sort of a cross between field hockey and Aussie rules football. Fully deserves to be featured in the Olympics, I'd say.
imaginality, Aug 20 2008

       Confusion today when it came to light that a taxonomical misinterpretation had led the English team to field a bunch of drunken tourists.
egbert, Aug 20 2008

       //so let's see - you don't like the Olympics?//   

       I love the Olympics. I almost cried when Lolo tripped on the ninth hurdle.   

       I'm just being silly because the joke's getting worn thin.
nomocrow, Aug 20 2008

       There was recently a lobby to have video games accepted as an Olympic event! Can you imagine.
johnbakersmon, Aug 21 2008


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