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Olympic Cannonball Diving

Points for style, and splash!
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"Next up in the Olympic Cannonball Event, in the 230 kg weight class, former US Sumo Wrestler Champion Akebono tries to best his 1st dive, which put him in 3rd in the weight class.

"They've actually had to add a constant water supply to the pool to make up for the amount lost during the splashes in this competition."

"Akebono is trying a difficult dive for a man of his size, a backward sommersault with a half-twist."

"He's up, here's the half twist, and OH, HE BELLYFLOPPED IT! That'll cost him some points with the style judges. He was way over-rotated when he hit the water."

"That's gotta hurt..."

"Okay, let's check with the splash-meter: 6.32 meters! That's a new American record, and close to the world record!"

RayfordSteele, Aug 17 2008

Belly-flop contest http://www.pbase.co...inef/image/77168196
it's a bit baked, but nevertheless not yet an Olympic event [xenzag, Aug 18 2008]

Splash diving http://www.splashdi...ndex.php?id=121&L=3
From the site: Is SPLASHDIVING a new sport for the Olympic Games? Certainly: what SPLASHDIVING athletes show on top of that diving platform is made for a great sports competition like the Olympic Games...but, let's get real: do we really want to be part of the Olympic Games? Maybe for a freestyle show, but…SPLASHDIVING would fit better to the X-Games or World Games. [Gordon Comstock, Aug 18 2008]

Here's a rather nice competition photo http://www.telegrap...t-2008.html?image=9
[Gordon Comstock, Aug 18 2008]


       This isn't as far-fetched as it may seem on the surface. We seem to add new..."sports" all the time. Why not this? [+]
Klaatu, Aug 17 2008

       // Why not this? //   

       Because getting soaked with water is not part of the spectator's expectation for an event ?
8th of 7, Aug 18 2008

       And in our sports headlines:   

       Chika "Tsunami" Diaki Izumi (translation: Scatter "tsunami" Great/Large Radiance Springwater), the cannonball champion, dies climbing stairs to the ten meter platform.
4whom, Aug 18 2008

       Even better if the contestant *promised* to do a 10x degree-of-difficulty, backwards quadruple somersault with 5 1/2 twists and a pirouette, but then, knowing s/he has no shot at the medal anyway, decides to cannonball it and soaks all the judges and the first 6 rows of the audience :)
phundug, Aug 18 2008

       Awesome links.
RayfordSteele, Aug 28 2008


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