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Olympic Pedalo for London 2012

Team GB excel at cycling and sailing.
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We're sure to win!
theleopard, Aug 20 2008

Pedal loo http://ava7.com/ima...res/toilet-bike.jpg
...not to be confused with... [phoenix, Aug 20 2008, last modified Aug 21 2008]

The_20All-Fools_20Tour_20of_20England Did someone mention space-hopper racing? [DrBob, Aug 20 2008]

Land sailing http://www.landsailing.net/
Perhaps with a pedal powered start? [theleopard, Aug 21 2008]

"Hooray, we won!" http://www.bonaires.../images/pedalo1.jpg
[theleopard, Aug 21 2008]


       Excellent! Another "sitting down" sport! - I'd like to see "Space Hopper racing" too.
hippo, Aug 20 2008

       [brevity] and a step closer to eternal damnataion.
4whom, Aug 20 2008

theleopard, Aug 20 2008

       Completely misread second word of idea title.
calum, Aug 20 2008

       Yes, get Gary Glitter to step into a foot-powered water-going craft, and it wont be long before you've got a lynching on your hands.   

       Can the competitors be forced to queue for their boats, and be given marks for style, and eye-contact avoidance?   

       Perhaps there could also be an event in bemoaning the recent atmospheric conditions?   

       And another in maintaining a rigid upper mandibular labia, under increasingly distressing conditions.
zen_tom, Aug 20 2008

       For further GB golds I would also like to suggest some kind of oar-powered land vehicle race. Or landsailing perhaps.
theleopard, Aug 21 2008

       Or (harking back to the origins of the Olympics in Ancient Greece), how about Galley racing? These would be large boats with sails and about 60 or so oarsmen each (and would use the strengths of the British team in rowing and sailing as well as our high-tech materials expertise - ours would be the carbon-fibre Galley).
hippo, Aug 21 2008

       Galley racing is an awesome idea!
theleopard, Aug 21 2008

       //Galley racing//
Running in kitchens is dangerous even on land - more so on-board a ship
coprocephalous, Aug 21 2008

       Maybe there is an opportunity for "like in the movies" Olympic events; the competitor has to swim across a river, climb a cliff while still dripping wet, go a couple of rounds with some ugly henchmen, then solve a complex puzzle to rescue the heroine.
8th of 7, Aug 21 2008

       We drink to forget ......
8th of 7, Aug 21 2008

       ^Maybe that can be the new modern pentathlon, since the current one is no longer modern.   

       Also, there are human pedal powered hydrofoils that reach speeds of up to 40 kph when pedaled by world-class cyclists.
Cuit_au_Four, Aug 27 2008

       What about human-powered aircraft racing ? So far, a neglected area, we consider.
8th of 7, Aug 27 2008

       As of today, Team GB have won 18 medals in cycling and on boats. We would have nailed the Pedalo events and you know it.
theleopard, Aug 04 2012

       Why does the Olympic team refer to itself as “Great Britain”? Is it to deliberately snub the Irish?
ytk, Aug 04 2012

       Ireland are a separate country, and have no connection to GB, save that of speaking a version of English, except in legal documents, which are in a written in a type of gobbledegook called Irish. (a dying language of little use to man nor beast)
xenzag, Aug 04 2012

       Yes, I know. That's my point. Why do residents of Northern Ireland have to compete as part of “Team Great Britain”?
ytk, Aug 05 2012

       Because "Team United Kingdom of GB and Northern Ireland" is too much for the poor girl to carry during the opening ceremony.
Start adding "And Crown Dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man", and the poor girl would collapse.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Sep 10 2012

       //Northern Ireland// Sp.: Nornarn.
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 10 2012

       The full title is "Team Great Britain, Northern Ireland, the Crown Dependencies, and all but three of the British Overseas Territories"
hippo, Sep 10 2012


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