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Olympic Pole Dancing

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"Next up on the Pole Dancing Exercise, 'Midnight'," from Las Vegas, Nevada."

"Midnight is performing her routine to 'Dope Show,' by Marilyn Manson."

"Midnight's routine involves a very difficult inverted cross followed by a 270 degree corkscrew slide, straight into a tucked lift, and pike dismount. Her degree of difficulty is 9.7. The artistic scores always seem to be a matter of taste..."

"Here come the judges scores..."

"You know, Carol, the Olympics are setting a record for viewership this year..."

RayfordSteele, Feb 01 2007

Pole Dancers http://www.zywiec.co.uk/index.htm
Ask and ye shall receive. [Canuck, Feb 02 2007]

Zach Braff's Garden State Blog (2004) http://gardenstate..../2004/08/index.html
[On Women's Beach Volleyball]: "It's like watching Olympic Pole Dancing. I kept feeling like I should be feeding singles into my cable box." [jutta, Feb 04 2007]

Blokesworld Vertical Bar (2006) http://www.blokesworld.com/vbar.html
The push to make pole dancing an olympic discipline has been a running gag on this Australian show. (I gather - I've never actually seen it.) [jutta, Feb 04 2007]

Some Random Strip Club in Vegas (2003) http://skrillahz4ri...days-have-been.html
[..] "kim and ginger got pulled on stage to compete in the pole dancing olympics and they both won t shirts and these nasty oversized panties and i got a porno for sittin my black ass down." [jutta, Feb 04 2007]

BlogMouth, with video (Jan 24, 2007) http://www.blogzenz...s-an-olympic-sport/
"Similarly how I subscribe to Playboy for the articles, I go to strip joints to see the athletic ability of topless chicks." [jutta, Feb 04 2007]


       I wonder if the Chinese would field a team?
bungston, Feb 01 2007

       Performance enhancing drugs would be... required?
daseva, Feb 01 2007

       Why is it limited to one nationality?
Ling, Feb 02 2007

       Um, yeah... Since when does Nevada have representation at the Olympics?
Custardguts, Feb 02 2007

       you meant to call it The Olympricks didn't you?
xenzag, Feb 02 2007

       Nothing "lymp" about them.
jurist, Feb 02 2007

       I would probably have an easier and more enjoyable time watching the women's Olympic gymnastic routines if the required entrant age were older than is currently the case so that I didn't feel quite so much like a pedophile for admiring their work. Olympic Pole Dancing could be a step in the right direction
jurist, Feb 02 2007

       Fair enough - no sillier a suggestion that synchronised swimming or that thing where they dance around trailling long bits of cloth behind them.
hippo, Feb 02 2007

       I don't think you'd see a lot of pike or tuck. More saddle. In fact, all saddle.
Cuit_au_Four, Feb 02 2007

       Performing the next dance we have Beatrycze Gorzynski from Krakow...
wagster, Feb 02 2007

       //Since when does Nevada have representation at the Olympics?//

It doesn't; she's *from* LV, but she's *representing* the USA.

Also, what [hippo] said.
angel, Feb 02 2007

       Maybe [RayfordSteele]has a head start on something here, as in, someone would like to introduce this into schools in the UK (maybe getting a team ready in time for the olympics?)Why not, they've done it in Beijing.
skinflaps, Feb 02 2007

       You know, I'm astonished nobody's put a link up for this :D   

       Anyway, a big thumbs-up for this. It has to be better than darts, for example! I agree that it needs to have a minimum age, though. The only problem I can see is keeping the athletes motivated in their younger years, so they don't end up falling into floor gymnastics or something - I mean, you can't reasonably have a junior league for pole-dancing...
Defiler, Feb 02 2007

       [Defiler] threw down the challenge so I found a link. Enjoy.
Canuck, Feb 02 2007

       //vertical bar// Ha, yes!
Ling, Feb 05 2007

       These seems a bit too chauvanistic of men to be a professional pursuit. Nothing at all like, say, professional cheerleading.   

       hmmm. The auto-boner appears to enjoy pole dancing.   

reensure, Feb 06 2007

       Don't want to feel like a pedophile? Just watch that dance with two men at the beginning of the olympics. The art, coriography (sp?) and effort was truly beautiful and impressive, without a single homoerotic overtone. The human body can be really beautiful in dance. So watch that, realize that you are finding beauty in the human form without any sexual conotation at all, then watch gymnastics again. Presto! no dirty feelings!
Voice, Aug 17 2008

       Sorry Voice. That didn't work for me.
ye_river_xiv, Aug 18 2008

       //The only problem I can see is keeping the athletes motivated in their younger years//   

       our current entertainment industry and society do a good job motivating people into that career as it is.
bnip, Aug 18 2008

       I suppose the Finns could enter a Lapp dancing team.
coprocephalous, Aug 18 2008

       gr/punct: "Here come the judges*,* scores*!!!* "   

       If I am not mistaken, Richard Feynman (an avid audience member), was the first to propose this.
4whom, Aug 18 2008

jutta, Aug 18 2008

       Shouldn't other countries be allowed to participate?
nomocrow, Aug 19 2008


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