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One-button climate control

Opens all windows / opens sunroof / turns on A/C / etc.
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I got this idea after going into a parked car that had been sitting out in the sun for quite some time. There should be a button so that the car windows roll down, the sunroof opens up, and the Air Conditioning sets to cold and moves the vents so they blow the hot air out, etc. A similar mode could also be made for cars that have been out in the cold for some time. The benefit would be that you could just get in, turn on the car and press the button real quick, and you could leave the car while it cools down a bit. You wouldn't have to press all the buttons yourself, either :D
chimmyc, Jul 14 2000


       Luxury cars frequently have several climate control "preset" buttons on the doors and/or instrument panel. That handles not only your scenario, but also different people who have different tastes.   

       (Well, actually, I haven't seen presets that control window configuration and vent positioning.)   

       In any case, you shouldn't need to actually touch the car; just start it remotely with one of those key-fob things, and the thermostat-based climate control system should cool it down by the time you actually bother to get in.
egnor, Jul 14 2000

       On my car, when unlocking it, if you hold the key in the 'unlock' position for a second, all the windows open.
hippo, Jul 14 2000

       hilarious spin-off game for long journeys. You need a car full of people and driver must be able to control all the windows. Its called 'Evacuation'. Very simply, at approx 80-90mph and at the drivers discretion, all windows are simulataneously opened for ooh as long as you want. Just watch everyone scream as they freeze and the added bonus of anything loose in the car zipping out of the windows! Particularly funny in Winter. Well it beats the Horse game i invented anyway.
dja, Nov 01 2000

       //More to the point, the Japanese brought out a car a year or two ago that had solar-powered a/c, so you could leave it running when you turned the engine off.//   

       Air conditioning requires a lot of power. A simple fan wouldn't require all that much, though. Given that automobile batteries have to have enough surplus capacity to start a car in winter, and that their capacity in warm weather is much greater than in cold, I would like to see a car which would, if enabled, run the fan whenever the interior was over 100F for up to 12 hours of running since the engine was last turned off. This should not appreciably drain the battery, but would make the car be much less sweltering when you return to it.
supercat, Nov 03 2000

       why couldn't you have central air like you do in your house very efficant and it wouldn't be on all the time just have a fan or two in the car that suck all the hot air out and then have vents where the normally are and also on the roof of the car that way the air would sink to the bottom, when if got to got air would be sucked out from the top of the car (heat rises) and then stoped then cool air comes in, saves energy but would be costly and also it might be noisy, requires some more room though!!! but would be cool, you could actallly have a digital control that was accurate!!!
Half-Life, Sep 03 2002


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