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Reduce cabin temperature

Reduce cabin temperature when parked.
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A fairly simple way to reduce the interior temperature of a vehicle is to thermostatically control the climate control fan to run in a reverse direction and pull the hot air out through what is normally the inlet duct. The object is only to reduce the temperature and not to create a habitable environment.
ingenium, Jul 20 2005

Summertime Parked-Car Fan Summertime_20parked-car_20fan
Sounds a lot like this idea. [supercat, Jul 21 2005]


       I don't think this would work somehow. If someone with more experience in the area can show otherwise, I'll happily retract my fishbone because it is an admirable motive.
hidden truths, Jul 20 2005

       do you think this would work, ingen?
po, Jul 20 2005

       So you are sucking out hot air via the fan system and letting the cooler outside air seep in via the gaps in the bodywork. Normally (in a non air-con vehicle) you would blow cooler air in via the fan system and let the hot air seep out via the gaps in the bodywork. I'm not sure I see the difference.
wagster, Jul 20 2005

       I have a request: please change the title to something more descriptive.   

       <later> Nevermind, I did it myself.
bristolz, Jul 20 2005

       well done! rebel.
po, Jul 20 2005

       Hmm... is this any relation to the "Summertime Parked-Car Fan"?
supercat, Jul 21 2005

       /climate control fan to run in a reverse direction /   

       Said fan is centrifugal, therefore running it in reverse will result in it still blowing (rather than sucking), albeit much less efficiently due to the volute shape.   

       Overcome this, and it's still a lack lustre idea.
Texticle, Jul 21 2005


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