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Pressurized Obstruction Of Fine Snow

Finally no snow in your seat!
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We have all experienced the soul ripping tragedy of opening your car door and having the small amount of suction created by opening the door suck the fine snow around the door seal into the car and depositing it on the seat.

The demoralizing feeling you get when no matter how hard you try you can't brush it away, and the OOky feeling of your but getting damp as you drive to work, are finally a thing of the past!

P.O.O.F.S. is the newest automotive technology to hit the streets.

The Pressurized Obstruction Of Fine Snow system uses the vehicles HVAC system to create a cabin overpressure when it detects the approach of the owner. Then when the door is opened, the overpressure pushes the fine snow out and away from the door seal thus changing your snowy day experience to one of happy dryness.

jhomrighaus, Dec 30 2020


       While I like the spirit of the idea, suffering of this type should be eliminated wherever it is found, why not just leave the car running with the heater on? Snow should melt off nicely on the metal surface of the car roof heated by the balmy interior. It's possible you live somewhere extremely cold, in which case the car may not generate enough heat to raise the car surface above 0C. I think you could offset this by placing a brick on the accelerator the night before each workday.
bs0u0155, Dec 30 2020

       ^ unalloyed genius.   

       Why not just fire all the airbags in circuit with the courtesy light, if snow is detected ? That makes use of existing systems, and overcomes the problem of the air intake becoming clogged with snow.   

       If you are concerned about the cost of reloading the airbags, then a simple, cheap thermite grenade would do the same job for a fraction of the cost, and de-ice the glass* at the same time.   

       *Quite possibly including the exterior mirrors, and headlight lenses.
8th of 7, Dec 30 2020

       If you leave the car windows open overnight then that also reduces the amount of inconvenience caused by a small amount of snow puffing in when you open the doors.
pocmloc, Dec 30 2020

       Why not have an open-top car then, and leave the roof down ?
8th of 7, Dec 30 2020

       Park it upside down?
bs0u0155, Dec 30 2020

       Small, detachable awning?   

       Also, sp. "butt".
pertinax, Dec 30 2020

       This is a daily frustration for me this time of year. Bun for the acronym alone. [+]
21 Quest, Dec 31 2020

       [j], I have a question.   

       "We have all experienced the soul ripping tragedy of opening your car door and having the small amount of suction created by opening the door suck the fine snow around the door seal into the car and depositing it on the seat."   

       It would appear you do not live in San Diego. I spent two winters in Denver, and swore each of them would be my last.   

       I hitchhiked to work. People would fling their passenger door open, and shout "Jump in, if you can, but I can't stop!"   

       Or they would get stuck at the curb, and say " I don't pick up hitchhikers, but if you can push me off this curb I'll let you in ".   

       What were we talking about again?
normzone, Jan 01 2021

       "hitchhike to work or work to hitchhike?"   

       If any of you miss travelling as a backpacker you can host couchsurfing.com travellers. You're a real person, but you act like a youth hostel! They are real travelers, and very diverse. They stay with you free. It's moderately active even with Covid-19.
beanangel, Jan 01 2021

       + nice idea
xandram, Jan 02 2021

       Cough/sneeze proof to boot.
wjt, Jan 03 2021

       We just had our first significant snow of the season last night. You lucked out. Big fat bun. +
blissmiss, Jan 03 2021

       norm, I think you are right! I think maybe an ancillary idea is coallecing in my mind. In order to help those less privileged souls in the hot places of the world truly appreciate the scope of human emotion, we should set up a series of simulation centers where southerners can go, park their car for a short time while it is flash chilled and then coated in fine snow. Then they can experience what true tragedy is as they slide into a cold seat that melts under their butts.   

       Perhaps such an endeavor could lead to greater peace and stability in the central climates as people begin to understand how much more awful life could be then what they experience on a daily basis.   

       Personal Exposure to Accelerate Compassion Experience   

       P.E.A.C.E. Centers could be a path to true understanding and peace across the planet.   

       Give P.E.A.C.E. a chance!
jhomrighaus, Jan 04 2021


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