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portable garage

a garage for anywhere
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A plastic, custom fit sheet goes over your car. Alluminum poles raise the sheet away from the car 3 feet in all directions. Next, a electrical heating unit blows enough warm air into the 'tent' to allow for winter/bad weather repairs. Tail pipe extension allows for the fumes to escape. Deluxe model can be found at most rental stores.
jackoutofthebox, Nov 04 2002

Portable garages http://www.instantshelters.com/
Some systems are quite easy to transport. Used by a lot of soccer playing families. [hollajam, Oct 21 2004]

Inflatable buildings http://www.lindstrand.co.uk/pr12.htm
Personally I like this one best. [hollajam, Oct 21 2004]


       hook electricity into nearby lamp-post for free power.
po, Nov 04 2002

       Hey, cool!
XSarenkaX, Nov 04 2002

       Baked - you pass a huge mockup on I-95 in Connecticut. (Slightly different construction, I will concede, but the essence is the same - plastic sheet held up by aluminum poles, optional heating units.)
Nick@Nite, Nov 04 2002

       Maybe 3/4 baked. I want something cheap and designed for impromtu car repairs. My question: What would make it so that a lot of people would consider buying it?
jackoutofthebox, Nov 04 2002

       *Portability - stash in trunk w/out taking up the whole trunk
*Ease of use - make it quick and easy to assemble/disassemble
*Affordability - under $50 (US) and you may get some customers

       Remember, this would be an item bought and carried in case of emergencies, which people don't count on. If it's expensive, or a bother, people will justify not getting it by reasoning they've made it thus far without having one.   

       Perhaps a better strategy would be to target carmakers into making it standard equipment?
XSarenkaX, Nov 04 2002

       waugs: somewhere near Stamford, if my brain wasn't too befuddled on our last cross-country dash. Wherever it is, you really can't miss it - it's up level with the motorway and they shine spotlights on it at night. If I'm awake next time we go past, I'll write the name down.
Nick@Nite, Nov 04 2002

       My quite-loud-neighbor is from CT - did you by any chance send her here?
thumbwax, Nov 05 2002

       [Nick] has a chauffeur - wow.
po, Nov 05 2002

       po: My wife might take offense at being called that, but yes, half the time.
Nick@Nite, Nov 05 2002


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