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Online Gaming wagering

bet video games
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I enjoy video games. I play online. Instead of playing for points, rankings, or what have you, I wanna play for money. This is my idea. Instead of playing "online" poker hoping to win. I want to play an online game of my choice (Halo,SoCom,Underground) with a certain entry fee with a take home cash prize put up by both teams. House (ISP) gets a a cut. My 12 yr. could already have 50k in the bank.
SuperHole, Sep 26 2006

Play skill games for money http://tinyurl.com/ly36g
[imaginality, Sep 27 2006]


       Lots of people would love this. Here's why I think it isn't happening:   

       - Hosting and even playing games with chance elements for money is illegal in many places.   

       - Gambling for money attracts attention from frauds and governments and requires more stringent controls than games meant just for entertainment. So, for large-scale operation, there's more to it than just taking off-the-shelf software and holding a contest.   

       That said, there are online multiuser games with a currency and a conversion rate into real world money (e.g., "Entropia"). You don't directly play team contests in the sense of e.g. Halo, but if you can get goods by killing players or "mining", and you can sell goods for game $, and then sell game $ for real $, that's getting pretty close.
jutta, Sep 27 2006

       There's an NZ website that lets you play games against an opponent for money, but it's just simple games such as Boggle-style word games. I've linked to another similar site that lets you play online pool for money. Pool today, Halo tomorrow?
imaginality, Sep 27 2006

       Given the proliferation of cheating, hackers, etc in the majority of online games, I really think that this is impractical.   

       The only way I could see it working would be in some kind of tournament, whereby competitiors would use equipment and software suppied by the event organiser. Competitirs would have no access to the equipment before the event, and would preferably not know anything about the software to be used (to prevent the use of game exploits).   

       I really can't see this getting off the ground in anything but an exceptionally flawed sense..   

       Good Idea but, I suppose I'm just pessimistic about these things.
Custardguts, Sep 27 2006

       Isn't EVE Online this concept personified? You can take the ingame currency and transfer it into cash, so if you make enough money from PVP or whatever, you can actually cash out.   

       That aside, it's not that hard to cheat in any of the games you mentioned. Hacks, bots and abusive play styles would become rampant. The legality of cheating would come into question. And cases of 12 yo gamblers would flood the news.
William II, Jun 30 2010


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