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playable hiroshima bomb victim scene in the next Call of Duty game

Because the nuke scene in COD4 was just cool...
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Maybe in the last scene, or near the end of the game... of the next Call of Duty game.

They should make a scene where you are an ordinary Jap citizen, going about your way after the 'air raid' sound signals 'all clear', when suddenly you see a flash of light.

The flash of light knocks you out, and then later you regain consciousness to see the people you were just talking to moments ago... gone.

Next you have to try and get out, but most of the route out of the city is blocked, so you have to move towards the nuked city, and ignore the cries of the dying. (the heat is really strong, you die if you try to save them)

After you go to the city and found a way out of it (seeing all the horrors), you meet a buch of stunned soldiers who then rushes to try and save you, as you tumble to the ground.

Scene end. With the word

"Every man, woman and child lives under a nuclear sword of Damocles, hanging by the slenderest of threads, capable of being cut at any moment by accident or miscalculation or by madness. The weapons of war must be abolished before they abolish us." -JFK

Thankyou for listening, now resume to the next level, and shoot some terrorist for me now!


The scene in COD4 of the nuke exploding was very evocative, because you were pretty much helpless. The civilian in this, is in the same situation as you.

mofosyne, Aug 07 2010

Feel having a US quote at the end of the scene (which would be muy grisly [rivers boiling like pots of human soup etc]) is a mite insensitive. Suggest something from the Mayor of Hiroshima. http://www.flickr.c...tos/censi/41702062/
[calum, Aug 07 2010]

Nuke COD4 http://www.youtube....Sho&feature=related
[bungston, Aug 09 2010]


       mfd - contextually derogatory term "Japs"   

       apparently COD4 is supposed to be set in modern times... why not the viewpoint of a doomed WTC clerk
FlyingToaster, Aug 07 2010

       //contextually derogatory// or else "free indirect." Only your [Akimbomidget] knows for sure.
mouseposture, Aug 07 2010

       Also, if you saw the flash, you'd be blind.
DrWorm, Aug 08 2010

       What if you just saw your shadow burned onto a wall? Then you'd only be irrevocably irradiated, which would also start a countdown of sorts.   

       [DrWorm] - would you? Richard Feynman recounts in his memoirs how he saw a nuclear test and was the only one of the witnesses to it who looked directly at it, and it didn't blind him.
hippo, Aug 09 2010

       I think it depends on how close you are to the explosion. If you were close enough to be knocked unconscious, it might have more of an effect on your vision. And even if it didn't permanently blind you, there would still probably be a big spot in the middle of your vision for hours.
DrWorm, Aug 09 2010

       //I have a problem with the historical inaccuracy. Why would the air raid sirens have sounded the all clear when there was still a bomber and its escorts overhead?//   

       You actually have a problem with historical accuracy then.
An all-clear was sounded because the number of aircraft involved was small.
Loris, Aug 09 2010

       Feynman watched the blast through a truck windshield, knowing that the glass would stop the ultraviolet.   

       The bomb blast at the end of that game has been hailed as one of the most artistically moving features of video games, ever. Implementing this idea would cheapen that, and make for a damned gruesome game, as well.   

       Besides, the description is pretty much what everybody imagines, anyhow.   

       Except maybe the word "Jap". Bone for that.
baconbrain, Aug 09 2010

       I would read through survivor accounts as your description is woefully inaccurate. The air burst bomb created a fire storm in the mostly wooden construction city. After the initial blast it was a race to leave the city ahead of the wall of fire that destroyed most every structure within. Also depending on the distance it would be okay to look at the blast without permanent or temporary blindness. Many survivors happened to be looking that way when the bomb went off, within a certain distance though everyone died from radiation exposure or intense heat.   

       I would imagine some "controversy" for exploiting a painful memory of Japan with a video game. but I like the concept, on the contrary I think there should be a humanitarian effort where you try to save as many as you can on your way out.
metarinka, Oct 16 2010

       //where you try to save as many as you can on your way out//   

       Yes. Earn points for correctly making agonizing triage decisions. Ignore the man with no skin, begging for water. He will die before sunset, whatever you do. Follow the trickle of blood and dig under that pile of rubble over there for the girl who will live -- horribly maimed -- for thirty years before dying of thyroid cancer.
mouseposture, Oct 16 2010


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