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Papers, Please Ebola Edition

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This is a similar game to paper please in that you are a border control officer.

But instead of preventing terrorist (or maybe including that job), your role is to prevent infected people from entering.

This can be as 'safe' as a flesh eating bacteria, to Ebola viruses, to... zombies.

The country may be a shamble, but you be dammned if you let any infected in.

mofosyne, Sep 04 2014

wikipedia entry http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Papers,_Please
[mofosyne, Sep 04 2014]


       Migrants just tried to rush a ferry in Calais, so Mystery Bad Taste Theatre awards you a bun sweetened fishcake, although officials will probably dispense with the Papers please feature and just treat everyone like zombies.
4and20, Sep 04 2014

       Fire up the chainsaws …   

       With Ebola, all you have to do is keep them talking and wait to see if they start to bleed from mucous membranes …
8th of 7, Sep 04 2014

       What happens if they were just drinking raspberry juice, and accidentally sneeze some out..
not_morrison_rm, Sep 04 2014


       Shut. Down. Everything
mofosyne, Sep 05 2014

       What's needed is some kind of paper shuffling device, so when the border guard says "Your papers are not in order" you can just put them in the device, they come out shuffled and then say "How about now?".   

       PS not my joke
not_morrison_rm, Sep 05 2014


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