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Online herbalist

For [Nineteenthly]
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Herbalist has a website with introduction to herbalism and the herbalist.

Patients fill out form with standard questions. Age, gender, problem, further info and comments.

The key to herbalism is the communication between herbalist and patient. After the form this will be in the form of Email and possibly webcam.

The herbalist will not be able to touch or smell the patient and a close up investigation is also not possible. Most cases can be done without this.

My reasoning is that if human contact via the internet can be so thorough and intimate that we do business by it and even fall in love online, then surely the herbalist can use it.

The lightweight herbs are sent by mail with instructions and the herbalist is there for additional questions and or treatment.

Payment is per treatment or per sent email.

This allows herbalist to have many patients worldwide.

This time and cost effective method allows herbalist to treat many patients quickly.

The herbalist makes a lot of money while maintaining moral standards and can even give some to charity or help some patients for free.

zeno, Feb 17 2009


       Thanks. I would be "struck off" if i did that. People have done so before and got into deep do-do for it. I'll post things to people i've seen before and i'll do things for herbal tea purposes, but the quality of service is very hard to guarantee. Maybe not impossible though.   

       The situation is this. For some strange reason, my professional body seems to make it almost impossible for herbalists to make a living. We're not even allowed officially to mark where our clinics are or leaflet. This is one reason why i'm really pissed off with them.   

       I have thought about it a lot. Actually, maybe you should email me, it's on my profile page.
nineteenthly, Feb 17 2009

       Sounds like an action hero <gravelly voice> "Nineteenthly, in a world of broken dreams, in a world of tortured promises, a maverick horticulturist who doesn't play by the rules, but always gets results is....The Online Herbalist" </gv>
zen_tom, Feb 17 2009

       You make me laugh!   

       Yeah, maybe, because i don't. There's this running joke: "Let me through, I'm a herbalist!"
nineteenthly, Feb 17 2009


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