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Neck Brace

Gyroscopic Neck Brace for perfect orientation
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Following spinal/neck injury a polystyrene neck brace is fitted and when the doctor says don't turn your head or you'll break your neck it is pretty worrying. However with the Gyroscopic neck brace this can never happen. The 3 equally spaced gyros are spun up to 10,000 rpm to hold your head in perfect alignment to the direction your doctor has pointed your head at the point of switch on!

A handy pocket-sized battery pack with built in charger ensures that you won't be confined to your home. But don't attempt to drive or ride as cornering could prove fatal.

martynwyatt, Sep 29 2003


       The body can turn, the eyes can turn, but the head stays still. Of course as the earth rotates, one's head may fly off into space.
FarmerJohn, Sep 29 2003

       // the doctor says don't turn your head or you'll break your neck //
I think the doctor means don't turn your head relative to your body, not relative to the fabric of spacetime.
benjamin, Nov 28 2003


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