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If you're not Dorothy Parker, you might just need...
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In films, scenes generally tend to finish on a definate note. A final gesture, or a witty comment from the hero of the piece.

I generally shuffle out of scenes in my life, and afterwards I find myself musing over the punchline I should have found. <urban myth> A friend of mine knew someone who, when sacked by his female boss, regained all dignity by turning as he left and asking: "I suppose a shag's out of the question then?"</myth>

How great would it be if, months or even years after an altercation, you could get back in touch with your adversary to deliver you killer (and somewhat considered) line.

Where friends reunited is catagorised by area, year, and school, opportunity reunited would have the date, location, and type of event with which you are dissatisfied. Having entered this information, you could deliver your message oscar-wilde-stylee:

"To the bloke outside The Kings Arms last friday: I was drunk, I was wrong, but wearing that T shirt you've got nobody to blame but yourself."

"Dear Nora, in checkout isle five in Sainsburys: I know you pride yourself on your bad attitude, but I'm betting your bad breath is accidental... do you know that I'm paying your wages?"

Word would quickly spread, and anyone who has ever been involved in an similar confrontational situation would quickly log on to see what was being written.

Fishrat, Sep 23 2003

The Vent http://www.ajc.com/...content/metro/vent/
[krelnik, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Craig'sList \ Missed Connections http://washingtondc.craigslist.org/mis/
full of those stuff. some are really poetic too! most are sad..in a bad way [synergy~, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Our local newspaper used to carry a feature called "the Hate Line" where you could leave a voice message that would show up as an item in the feature. No full names or identifying information were allowed.   

       It was funny for a while. Then it simply reduced to a bunch of name calling. I suspect that's what would happen here.
phoenix, Sep 23 2003

       Yes, the paper here runs a feature like that called "The Vent".
krelnik, Sep 23 2003

       [synergy~] ok, this idea is 3 million percent baked. no chance of me being a smartarse now :( [UnaBubba] surely being distrusted is a good thing, as people stop asking you for favours? I'm fishboning myself immediately. (But do you believe me?)
Fishrat, Sep 24 2003


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