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People database

Build 3d models of people and put them in a database.
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software exists that can create 3d models of things by taking pictures of them [link]. If one were to create a 3d model of everyone of interest to a particular organization (think prison or hospital), then they would have lots of 3d models. These could be compiled into a people database, which basically gives a (however many degrees a sphere has) view of any person on demand. Useful for invading people's privacy and whatnot.
erenjay, Nov 12 2012

123d catch http://www.123dapp.com/catch
create 3d models of things by taking pictures of them. [erenjay, Nov 12 2012]

3D Photo booth http://www.spoon-ta...h-to-open-in-japan/
I'm sure this was posted a long time ago on the Bakery.... now it's real [xenzag, Nov 12 2012]

Wow, I could really use it http://bcove.me/93ym8b4y
[theircompetitor, Nov 12 2012]


       so the purpose is to find the best personnel fill algorithm ?
FlyingToaster, Nov 12 2012

       I feel like that should be funny, but I actually don't know whether it is a joke or a legitimate question, and if it is a legitimate question I don't know how to answer it.
erenjay, Nov 12 2012

       then that makes us even. Why would you want to do that except to see how many you could get into a Volkswagen.
FlyingToaster, Nov 12 2012

       //(however many degrees a sphere has)// A sphere has 4 pi steradians. The steradian is the S.I. unit for solid angles. You're welcome!
spidermother, Nov 12 2012

       //personnel fill// ... er ... sets of matroshka-nested masks?
lurch, Nov 12 2012

       whatever the term is for trying to fit a bunch of shapes together with least space wastage: fill ? stack ?
FlyingToaster, Nov 12 2012

       Collective noun: "An Escher"   

       Or Tessa-something
Ling, Nov 12 2012

       //The steradian is the S.I. unit for solid angles.//   

       By cracky, why can't you just measure your solid angles in pints per acre-fathom the way God intended?
ytk, Nov 12 2012

       Cool idea -- I could use it tomorrow (or more accurately around January, when we launch). Creating avatars that are a genuine extension of self.
theircompetitor, Nov 12 2012

       At a contest to get 50 sheep into the shortest fence, the physicist calculates the average sheep length, writes an algorithm and finally puts a circular fence around them and claims: "This is the shortest fence possible for 50 sheep".   

       The engineer pushes at the fence making some of the sheep stand on the others, he then takes off a few meters from the fence and declares: This is the shortest fence possible.   

       The mathematician takes a peace of fence, puts it around himself and declares: 'I'm outside'.
pashute, Nov 12 2012

       //4 pi steradians// Thank you, but it doesn't roll off the tongue quite as easily as "however many degrees a sphere has"   

       //some of the sheep stand on the others//It would be more efficient to make ALL the sheep stand on top of one another, would it not?
erenjay, Nov 12 2012

       //Celebrity 3D print-outs// Excellent idea and bunworthy in its own right.
pocmloc, Nov 13 2012

       The politician puts a fence around just four of the sheep, then announces: "We have delivered on our policy to provide the shortest fence on time and within budget. Unfortunately, not all sheep could be accommodated due to practical constraints and resistance from the opposition."
not_only_but_also, Nov 21 2012

       The psychologist puts a fence between you and the sheep and says: "I have given you a temporary feeling of security, but in the long term you should try to overcome your feelings of resentment towards the sheep freedom to roam."
not_only_but_also, Nov 21 2012

       The enterprise architect spends 3 years investigating fencing options before buying 100 miles of 150ft fencing from IBM, then wonders why everyone is so bent out of shape over the project.
not_only_but_also, Nov 21 2012

       Meanwhile the developer hatched a plan to re-use some fence from another project. When the 50 sheep escape, blames the project kick- off for not standardizing animal object sizes to "rabbit".
not_only_but_also, Nov 21 2012

       But the sheep farmer just gets a few tools, some wood, and a cooler full of beer for the freinds that are helping him build the fence while all of the highly-qualified professionals are frigging around.
Alterother, Nov 21 2012

       Some hospitals must have a database of full body scans, which is what you'd also need for proper 3D, otherwise it's just skin.
marklar, Nov 22 2012


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