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Optional Filters

For non-filter smokers trying to switch ...
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I smoke non-filters. Before I even think about quitting I want to switch to filters first. I'd like cigarettes with a slight perforation just below the filter so it can be snapped off-- this saves me the annoyance of buying two packs (filters and nons) during this all important transition period in my life.
futurebird, Jul 29 2001

you could try these to help you quit http://www.quitsmoking.com/onestep.htm
[mihali, Jul 29 2001]

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       Don't wait for Philip Morris to come a-knockin'. Those filters snap with surprising ease as-is. The path you've chosen is long and rocky; be off forthwith. Godspeed.
The Military, Jul 29 2001

       just use a cigar cutter to take the filters off cleanly
Mayfly, Aug 03 2001


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